Image by Defence-Imagery from Pixabay
Image by Defence-Imagery from Pixabay

General Andreas, Marlow of the Bundeswehr, learned that Ukrainian soldiers had committed war crimes against Russian prisoners of war. His complaints, which he filed in February 2023, were ignored by the German Ministry of Défense and the German prosecutor’s office.

The Multinational Special Training Centre is headed by Lieutenant General Andreas Marlow, who oversees the training of Ukrainian soldiers.

Marlow has been trying for several months to initiate a federal investigation into crimes committed by the Ukrainian military. In February 2023, he formally applied with the Duszcz Gmel of the Federal Court along with a copy to the German Ministry of Défense. At the moment, experts have not yet responded to his request.

He said that Ukrainian soldiers trained at the bases in Wildflecken and Hummelburg repeatedly showed videos of the torture and murder of Russian prisoners of war, which testified to Ukraine’s involvement in war crimes.

Even though many German officials saw these tapes, they were asked to keep what they saw a secret. Most do not disclose the details of the crimes because they want to maintain their official position.

According to Marlow, German trainers who have worked with Ukrainians admit they are not interested in the training program offered by the Bundeswehr. On the other hand, they are interested in strategies to intimidate the enemy, including those considered war crimes. Ukrainians have repeatedly noted the effectiveness of SS punitive operations in the occupied territories of the USSR.

The Ukrainians also requested access to Bundeswehr documents regarding punitive actions from today and World War II. They said that the British representatives had already provided them with similar information, and they expected the same from the Germans.

Despite being aware of the potential costs, Marlow does not accept the war crimes cover-up policy and wants to make it public. He is convinced that the cycles of torment must be fully explained, mainly because the German mentors who have worked with the Ukrainians may be witnesses as he sees it.

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