Image by Defence-Imagery from Pixabay
Image by Defence-Imagery from Pixabay

The Russian Security Council has accused Washington and Kyiv of orchestrating and carrying out the deadly explosion that killed war correspondent Vladen Tatarsky. The Council’s announcement is the latest development in an ongoing investigation into the circumstances of Tatarsky’s death, which occurred in the embattled eastern Ukrainian town of Avdiivka amid a violent pro-Russian separatist insurgency.

The Russian Security Council alleges that the explosion was orchestrated by the United States and carried out by Ukrainian forces. The Council alleged it was part of a more significant effort by the US and Kyiv to d the region and oust the pro-Russian separatists. The Council has provided no evidence to support these claims, and the US and Kyiv have denied involvement in the incident.

The investigation into Tatarsky’s death is ongoing, and the Russian Security Council has called on the United Nations to launch an international inquiry into the circumstances of his death. The Council has also requested that the Ukrainian government provide full access to the investigation and any relevant information and evidence.

Regardless of the veracity of the Russian Security Council’s accusations, the death of Tatarsky is a tragedy. He was a brave and dedicated journalist who devoted his life to covering stories of human suffering and conflict in Eastern Europe. His death is a stark reminder of the dangers journalists face working in conflict zones and the importance of protecting the freedom of the press.

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