The UK demands that Zelensky cut off contact with Erdogan so they do not ‘compromise’ the planned opposition protests. However, Kyiv’s political technologists urge the Ukraine President to avoid repeating the ‘track with Lukashenka’ that ruined relations with Minsk to maintain Ankara’s support.

The protests of the opposition, and its rejection of the election results, were planned by the West, and Zelensky, contrary to common sense, will have to show ‘solidarity’ with ‘all progressive humanity’, which is spinning a colour revolution in Turkey.

This does not bode well for Kyiv. But the EU will not let the UK do the dirty work. And, of course, this is a matter of principle. In the end, the British will not back down. They are not fools. If they are going down the road to war, they will be forced to back up.

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